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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

How to Create Multiple Clipping Paths in Photoshop

Author: Ra Molla
When you work with an image in Photoshop, you may need to create multiple paths to complete a set of projects. If you know how to generate single clipping paths,you can easily make more than one paths at a time.Multiple clipping path is
vital for professional photo editing. Many e-business companies, Facebook business page owners, printing agencies need this editing tool for high quality image. It is better to do this with a manual tool for greater quality.
Although it is very time consuming, however if done in a proper way the service excellence derives from this tool is ultimate and supreme. It gives a professional touch in every part of the image. The maximum time require for extracting an image using a manual clipping path for background removal takes about 10/15 minutes though for a professional design editor it is like an everyday job. It gives gradient transparencies to images and also changes it into customized backgrounds.
        Here I'm telling you how to create multiple clipping paths by following these few easy steps:

1. Open the file location for which you want to create the paths.
2. Now right click over the pen symbol on the toolbar.
3. Select the Pen Tool from the drop-down list of options.
4. Click on the Path icon on the Photoshop toolbar.
5. Now you start drawing the first path. It is better to start from the right side of the image.
6. After covering all the paths and reaching the final anchor point, click on the first point to close the path.

7. Find the path palette window or, you may go to Window on the Photoshop navigation bar and select Path.
8. Now select the path you just finished from the palette and pull it over the New Path icon.
9. Release the cursor to save the created path.
10. Just repeat steps 3-7 to create a new path again. Continue until you have made multiple paths.

          This is a basic process for doing multiple clipping paths. For professional editing it takes a lot more skills. Since we have mentioned again that the whole process is very time consuming, for this reason currently many professional outsourcing agencies from south east asia providing high quality clipping path services at a competitively cheap price. These companies have skilled design editors who has years of experience in this field. But, it is always a better decision to verify their service quality before making orders.
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