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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Tips For Selecting A Perfect Promotional Freebie

Author: Anna Nicole
Customized carabiners are very popular in marketing these days. Many companies prefer giving away free carabiners to their customers.As these items bear the name, logo and sometimes even
the tag line of the companies, so users while using these
articles unknowingly promotes the company and raises awareness about it. Moreover such articles are very cheap,so this type advertising is also cost effective. If you are also planning to giveaway such promotional articles to your customers, you will find the following tips very useful:-
  • Article of utility: You cannot just give away anything as promotional giveaways. You will benefit from the giveaway, only if people use the free products. So, you need to select commonly used articles like key chains, nail cutters, bottle openers, etc.
  • Plenty of display space: The promotional carbines you select for distribution among your customers should have ample display space to bear your company's name and logo. Often giveaways like bottle openers and key chains are cramped for space, which do not allow the promotional message to be printed clearly. So, care must be taken that you select a large surface area for clearly displaying your message, without straining the onlookers' eyes.
  • Attractive design and clear inscription: People like keeping designer items. So, you should always choose fancy designs over contemporary ones, because people would like to flaunt them more. Hence you would get more promotional benefits from such items, even if they cost you more. Moreover, all your effort and money would go wasted if your promotional message cannot be read easily. So, you should ensure clear visibility of your message by choosing the appropriate font size. Also, try getting your message printed on either side of freebie, so that you have more chances of getting the eyeballs.
  • Customize to the maximum: You should add plenty of style to the freebies you are offering, by customizing them to the fullest. The customization of these articles should reflect the variance of your company. Even if you are selecting bottle openers, you should try to personalize the beer bottle opener to the maximum.
  • Use vibrant colors: The colors you choose for your promotional freebie should be bright and vibrant. The article should be attractive and draw people's attention towards them.
  • Price: Since, the promotional need to be distributed freely on a large scale; you need to carefully examine the price factor. Most people go for bulk orders, where even a little variation in the per-unit prices can have heavy implications on your budget.
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About the Author
The author is an expert marketing advisor. Here, he states how small businesses can use promotional carabiners for marketing. He also stresses on the need of giving away only commonly used articles like custom key chains and personalized beer bottle openers.

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