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Friday, June 15, 2012

Digital image editing: Becomes a state-of-art?

Author: Dewan Shuvo
Digital image editing is the altering of an image using computer program tools and software
to produce a contrived image, often generating new meaning and view. It encompasses already existing imagery, such as photographs, films or videos, being subsequently worked on in a multitude of possible ways.
This can be deemed as artwork as this process gives an esthetic output through manipulation, enhancing and transforming images. Computer softwares like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Photoshop Lightroom, Photo Plus, Ulead Photo Impact and etc
, are used to accomplish the image manipulation. Recently there are other easy-type software tools available to edit images attractively namely Picassa, Picnika and ACDSee Photo Editor.
Photos are able to be edited or retouched by computer graphics to produce an end result that is so high in quality that it is almost impossible to tell if the photo has been manipulated. Currently the technology has been advanced in such a great stride that image editing can shape the every single particle of an image one can't imagine even the very human creativity and taste has not escaped from this gift. So, the art piece produced by the image editing can be termed as human-computer integration art. The computer monitor is the canvas of the human artist and the handy softwares works like instrument to master the art. Graphics designer or image editor is the artist here!
Before performing the task of digital image editing a raw image or photo is imported. Due to the popularity of,digital cemera, image editing programs are readily available. Apart from the cutting edge benefit of digital camera photos can be imported by all other means through scanning. Taking the picture is the capital of the procedure of image editing. The other half of the task is modifying or editing the desired image—getting that great finished image that you can't wait to show off to everyone who's willing to look at it. This is the type of art anyone can be an artist per se having a little artistic mind to bejewel a raw material into an eye-candy! Image editing computer-aided software has made this possible. Only need is to gain a handy knowledge on using these tools.
One may simply ask what image editing can do? But I will rather replace his/her queries into what image editing cannot do? It is a stark reality in the case of mainstream fine art that the artist finds it really tough or time consuming to retouch in a ready-to-show artpiece or enhance or modify it for further usage. The real artists are no doubt god gifted and their works are the best. We can never forget or alter the astounding creation of Pablo Picasso, Vincent Van Gough, Leonardo da Vinci, Henri matisse ,cloude monet Michelangelo, Frida Kahlo or Degas. It's untouchable to manipulate such original piece. It's also impossible to visit all of them. But through photography we can even have them hanging into our home or office! The after doings of photography has made this possible. Image editing in this side contributes the after doings tremendously. Digital photography simply makes our lives easy. And digital image editing has made our lives arty. We can produce thousands of such artworks whether painting or photography on demand after performing some basic image editing. Digital image editing can even transform a simple photograph, an artpiece.
Taking a photo cannot always satisfy our human demands and taste which continue to fluctuate every now and then. Various problems may strike or many unwanted objects may emerge or photos need to be enhanced, resized or colorized. Today from the very personal arena to any business or commercial purposes visual representation is the lifeline to keeps pace with the modern era. Digital photo manipulation is an important element of this new corporate media, as they cannot even think or step forward without using this hi-tech power. Image editing has also come in the limelight of any graphics design or commercial graphical projection.
In the era of Internet, using the web to boost up any product sales is essential. Displaying yield images of the product in the web site have the crucial first impression to the viewers which in turn can create more sales opportunities and feedbacks. The present day advertizing and prepress media have deemed image editing as primary fuel in promotional activities. As time goes the image manipulation becomes highly adorable and intricate. The best show-off needs the best image editing. Here are some dimensions where image editing has come up second to none -
  • Remove unwanted objects or persons from a photo
  • Add objects or persons to a photo
  • Fork out the background of an image
  • Change background color
  • Remove scratches from photos
  • Give new life to old, faded photos
  • Straighten crooked photos
  • Sharpen & soften photos
  • Drop shadows
  • Vectorizing any photo or show as wires
  • Add any type of masking to image
  • Desaturate an image
  • Alter the color contrast or simply put black & white look
  • Blur objects or persons in photos
  • Convert a photo to a color pencil sketch or watercolor
  • Make photo montages
  • Brighten or tone down colors
  • Change colors to a single particle
  • Dodge and burn
  • Add any type of imaginary effect
  • Slicing image
  • Whiten teeth and remove red eye from photos
  • Tone down freckles or acne
  • Remove selected wrinkles on faces
  • Remove shadows caused by a flash
  • Fix some underexposed photos
  • Fix some overexposed photos
  • Correct colors
  • Put text in photos
Photos are precious possession. When it comes to framing those fond memories of your bundle of joy you might consider hiring a professional. All photographs benefit from being developed whether it is for personal or commercial purpose. This development is become a state-of-art when it is performed by skilled and professional graphic designers. I request you just look around you. The digital era has been deep embedded into every aspect of our life. Products or kits we use in our very personal life have a touch of image editing.
We are mesmerized with the innovative ads in the web or television has a touch of image editing. Photos for news and ads are published in the newspaper after image editing or graphics design. The image on the cover page of a magazine takes the aid of digital editing. Catalogues, brochures and replicas of various products or services become live and showable after the finest touch if image manipulation. Even the film industry could not escape from this very task. Animations films and cartoons are the final crop of essential image editing works. This artistic phenomenon encompasses both print and web media. Who does not need works with image? When quality and perfection is the utmost desire! The digital technology of tomorrow will bring even higher quality and more choices for the digital artist. Has not the digital image editing done enough to call itself a state-of-art? Can digital image editing pave the way for tomorrow's art? We invite your questions and comments.
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