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Friday, June 15, 2012

How to Do Graphic Design for Display Stands

Author: John Dever
With the global economy slowly recovering from the aftershocks of the recession, many
businesses are gearing up their marketing campaigns. However, things are not every rosy for the UK as the BBC Money and the HM-Treasury have already indicated that the economy is shrinking by 0.2% thus exacerbating the situation for manufacturers.
What can you do to stem the downward spiral of your UK business against this backdrop? One of the methods is using promotional stands and signs to win new customers while also increasing your market presence.
The question that pops to mind is how to do graphic design for display stands.

One of the best platforms for any promotional activities is in trade shows, show rooms, and exhibitions in your region. This is even more applicable if these shows are related to your niche target market. Through use of display stands, you can easily capture the attention of visitors thus drawing them to your stand where they can learn more about your products and services. Display stands have a high return on investment (ROI) per pound than most other promotional options. However, you need to work with a professional graphic designer in your area. Some of the popular graphic designs include pop up stands, table-top displays, rotating stands, and banners among others.

The graphic designs of your displays will determine their effectiveness. Some of the main considerations on how to do graphic design for display stands include;
Logo; your company logo gives the first impression and hence, it should be prominently be displayed as part of the graphic design on your promotional stands. In essence, it should occupy the central position either at the top of the stand or as part of the background. Qualified graphic designers can come up with innovative ideas which you can incorporate in to your business vision to develop a unique logo representing your brand.
Colour and theme; the colour chosen for your pop up display stands must complement your business mission, theme and vision. For example, a business whose main strategy is in conservation of the environment must creatively use green colour which is the conventional conservation colour. Graphic designers creatively use colour to draw attention to visitors as visual effect is known to be more effective than words. Colours chosen can sometimes determine the success of your products and services.
Content; a graphic designer is responsible of pacing content on banner and they will advise on the basic material needed. Display stands are just required to draw attention and hence, avoid a lot of content as this will turn off potential clients. However, ensure the mission, vision and contact information of your business is prominently displayed on the stand for follow up by visitors.

A cursory glance at major corporations such as Cadbury, Tesco gives an insight on how to do graphic design for display stands. Members of the public can easily identify their stores immediately they see a display stand because they have been consistent in use of colours and other graphic design aspects which you should be the aim for your business. Simply put, working with a reputable designer who has experience in the industry will bring you the magical benefits of advertising to survive these tumultuous times.
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About the Author
John Denver author works with small companies to promote their business, such as pop up display stands.

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