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Friday, June 15, 2012

Some Information on Promotional Products

Author: Jerich
In marketing and other advertising endeavors, promotional merchandise is usually utilized.
These articles which are also known by other terms such as promotional items, advertising gifts or its fun moniker, swag, are given out to endorse an event, company, brand or company icon. These items are usually printed with the company's emblem,
motto or vision and given away during product fairs, conference and trade shows. Almost all companies engages in giving away promotional merchandise
in the course of their operations but this usually always happens at the start of operations of most businesses.
Promotional product actually goes back a long way in the history of promoting businesses. In fact, the Promotional Products Association International as we know it today has been first organized way back in 1904 with only 12 initial members to comprise the first trade organization for such industry. Nowadays however, it is comprised of 7,500 members worldwide. The industry of promotional items as represented by PPAI is presently made up of an estimated 4,800 manufacturers and 22,000 distributors. Although advertising gifts has been practiced in the business even during the early 19th century, it is not until late 50's that promotional merchandise industry was formally recognized. In the 1970's however, genuine expansion of the industry became apparent as more and more corporations are adopting the use of these promotional items to endorse their companies, products or particular brand. At this point, these companies have finally acknowledged the big impact of utilizing their company logos or slogans on these products as a form of forceful advertisement.
Nowadays, you can find a wide range of promotional products to choose from. It used to be only buttons, badges, fan, visors, caps and pens. At present however, you can see items such as travel mugs, bags, shirts, computer accessories, umbrellas, clocks, journals, purse, electronics and a lot more products. If you are just starting out, you might want to find a company who can offer to make your business your own custom-made promo items with your very own logo printed on it. You can find several of these businesses catering to such service online. You can actually design on the logo and the exact product you want or have them design it from scratch or enhance your own made design.
Manufacturing your own promo products or outsourcing them from companies who specifically do this kind of thing is a decision you have to make wisely. Such decision would of course be affected by several factors such as, do you have the capacity, technically or financially to make your own promo items? Or would it be more economical and requires less effort if you would just order the items from a promo product manufacturer? No matter the decision you will make, you should make sure of the following:
  • The product actually represents your company or it has a bearing on what your company is trying to sell to the market, to make the imprint on the minds of people receiving it, more long-lasting.
  • The design is simple yet fully clearly endorses the brand, product or company you want to represent with its emblem, slogan or the way other graphics included in the items would actually mean to those who will receive it (no double-meaning).
  • Finally, make sure that the promotional item is cost-effective, after considering every aspect. The meaning of the whole representation of the items should not be lost on the one receiving the advertising gift.
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Promotional Products Supplier is the online division of Modern Promotions. The online store has been developed to cater for the growing demand from customers to be able to purchase product online at low cost.

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