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Friday, June 15, 2012

Know all about Vector Logos

Author: Jyotsna Ramani
Most of us know what a logo is and its importance. A good logo or symbol, imparts the brandvalue of the company or organisation, even though none of the representatives of the
company maybe physically present.McDonalds to be precise,with its big yellow M against the red background, is one example of such excellence.
But what about Vector logo? How many of us are aware about it, and its significance.

Vector logo designing involves creating digital images through a series of commands and mathematical equations that places the lines and shapes in a given two dimensional or three dimensional space(ex; animated 3D cartoons).These files then become easy to modify than conventional files.
Company logos, banner ads and other design images which require scaling come under purview of vector logo designing. A vector file allows the designer infinite freedom when it comes to graphic design and illustration. This is because vector images are small, scale able and editable. Since each of them is defined by a mathematical equation, it can be easily broken down into many geometric shapes and sizes. A vector image, in other words, does not rely on resolution, and since they are fully scale able it gives the designer infinite chances to modify your logo without loss of image quality. If any of your file or images have the following extensions EPS,AI,CDR or SWF then your logo is in Vector format.
Vector based images, are used by designers now a days to start any new project. The designer uses high end soft ware like Abode Illustratator, Corel Drawetc for this. Since the logo is a foundation of your company image and is a reflection of your business it is important it should leave a lasting impression on your customers. Vector design gives you the choice of unlimited designs and hence gives the maximum chance to portray your vision.
Since free vector logo based images are not made up of dots, they can be scaled to a larger size and not lose image quality. If you blow an ordinary raster graphic image it will look blurred and pix elated, but if you blow up a vector image the edges remain smooth and clean, thus, not only making it ideal for visiting cards but also large billboards.
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