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Friday, June 15, 2012

Photo Correction is Possible With the Contrast Technique

Author: Atiqur Sumon
Photographs are priceless as they capture some of the most precious moments of one's life.However, at times, they just
do not turn out the way one wants due to lack to
poor lighting or faulty handling
of the camera.Also many of the old photographs tend to turn yellow and fade with time. While at times we just want to make a black and white photograph into a colored one. In such situations, one needs to go for photo colorization or color correction techniques to bring back the charm to the
images. Photo colorization is a process of adding colors to a grey image or enhancing a part of the image by adding an extra color. Color correction refers to correcting or enhancing the color of the whole or part of the image, which has faded away or damaged due to poor photography techniques. These processes are implemented using the techniques like clipping path or silhouetting.
When it comes to recently clicked pictures, the right contrast can alter the visual appearance. The contrast cannot be confused with the light and dark regions of the picture. The contrast is a way to bring clarity to the details in various areas. When it has good colors the entire area looks vivid and real. While using contrast the entire composition becomes uniformly creative. The improvement can be felt in the entire picture.
The brightness level also is adjusted to make the contrast more vivid. A balance is maintained for the same till a level of reality is achieved. In the adjustment menu Photoshop has sub sections of Hue and saturation. This is a professional way of achieving the right contrast for a picture. This will be helpful as the editor can use the eraser to do the proper color correction. He uses Filter, Blur, and Gaussian blur to do the color correction. Another useful tip is to check the opacity. If it is any less, then it can be increased to about 70%. And the preview brings the nod for the final layer to be adjusted.
Photoshop has auto contrast. When the editor needs to make a quick adjustment this is often the best way to start the work. If the picture can be altered with auto contrast then no more complex process is required. But with a little more effort, the picture can be customized for a better alternate conclusion. The use of contrast layers is like walking the extra mile for the compliment. The right colors are god when a four-color printing is needed. This is an essential service that is provided for ad agencies and print media where 4-color spreads are used.
Color correction is also done with removing or retouching some people around the main subject that do not have the right exposure. Both the processes can aid color corrective steps. A little manipulation may change the picture from its original look. But the contrast adjustment will ensure that the main subject still is in the spotlight.
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About the Author
Atiqur Sumon
Chief Executive, DTP & SEO Expert at Outsource Experts Ltd.

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